Train in Mode 2.0!

Custom-built training portal

Custom-Built Training Portal

Mixinfo creates custom-built training portals for your company. Whether you are targeting your employees, business partners or clients, you have total control over your content and strategies. Mixinfo is discreetly integrated into your Web-based communications strategies in a transparent fashion, leaving you all the visibility. The portal is accessible via all popular Web browsers.

Communications program

Communications Program

Thanks to our effective communications strategies, we help you stimulate participation in your training sessions: invitations, promotional emails, display materials, internal communications, direct mail, everything is put in place to ensure you reach your goals.



Keep control of your operations! Throughout each training session, you have real-time access to our online report modules so you can measure the number of visits, the number of individual sessions carried out, test results, etc., and you can do this according to a range of criteria that match your own needs.

Training or content capsules

Training or Content Capsules

Our platform, designed to support all types of content (interactive text, animation, video, HTML, etc.), is accessible via any computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. We build this content for you or work with your suppliers and experts as per your requirements. We believe in straightforward, effective solutions in which teamwork and collaboration is a must.

Training management platform

Training Management Platform

Our system works alongside yours, in the background. During training sessions, you can control content delivery according to a pre-determined program, targeted participants, levels of responsibility, regions or other criteria of your choice.

System of rewards

Rewards System

The key to our proposition: Rewards. Reward participants for their diligence, expertise and participation, and you will increase your chances of success. You establish the success criteria and Mixinfo supplies you with reward programs and systems. A client who is properly informed about your product quickly becomes a loyal client! In the same way, in an in-house training context, a better-trained employee will provide a better performance.

Managing participants and segmentation

Managing Participants and Segmentation

Build training programs tailored to targeted participants by segmenting content delivery according to the criteria of your choice: language, region, employer, occupation, place of work or residence, department, decision-making level, etc. With Mixinfo, each participant has a file that is kept up to date.

Inscription en ligne et diffusion 24/7

Online Registration and 24/7 Accessibility

Your participants are free to take training sessions at the time and location of their choice. Our platform is simple, convivial and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Participants have easy access to both training sessions and their personal files. No more managing of training rooms, schedules or travel arrangements.

Performance measurement

Performance Measurement

Obtain participation statistics according to specified criteria and measure the fulfillment of your training or communication objectives by administering tests, questionnaires, surveys or interactive simulations of your choice.

Online certification

Online Certification

Mixinfo allows you to manage ongoing training programs that lead to obtaining Continuing Education Credits (CEC) recognized by professional associations so that your clients will gain recognition.

Training: it’s an investment

Training: It’s an Investment

For any company, training represents an investment that helps it promote growth, and increase the know-how and effectiveness of employees. Mixinfo training can be recognized by many government programs and fiscal incentives favouring workforce development.

Access to experts online

Access to Experts Online

During your training sessions, offer your participants the possibility of calling upon the assistance of an expert online. They will obtain an answer to their questions, whether it concerns a website issue or the training content.

Partnerships and sponsorships

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Stimulate your business objectives by getting your suppliers and partners involved. For example, in the retail field, a store chain might easily associate a supplier to its operation, if the supplier wants to promote its product knowledge with the salespersons of that chain.

Internet software and security

Internet Software and Security

You don’t have to worry about software development! No more issues with security, saving or accessing data. Your training sessions are held via the Internet and the platform is hosted on Mixinfo servers. Therefore software is always up to date and user information always saved.


Studies, Surveys and Quizzes

Conduct surveys with your own research criteria. Follow the process in real-time and get reports quickly according to your needs – plus get access to all raw data.

24/7 technical support

24/7 Technical Support

Whatever the size of your project, we like things to work smoothly. That’s why we offer technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You want your participants to have a satisfactory experience… that’s also our motto with regard to our clients.



We offer custom solutions tailored to your budgets. Each project is evaluated and we promise you a fair, affordable and documented price at each stage of development. Also, the use of the platform is invoiced based on the number of visits.